copyrights weird n confusing but this websites been up since september 19th 2022. when itll be taken down is up to me, but i hope never probably

my plans

  • i dunno
  • its the thought that counts tho right?

hello my name is wisteria. im just a girl on the internet that likes to code. hi

i tend to be kind of antisocial but dont take it to heart. i have friends i swear. i can also be kind of absentminded or easily distracted which means i procrastinate a lot. sorry if this website isnt updated very much. oops

ive had a few run-ins with people trying to steal my coding. please dont do that. please

my friends

yvonnes site, tys site, matts site

its not many but its something right?

name: wisteria
age: i like just became an adult
feeling: fine