post #1 (december 15th)

today was weird and scary. please believe me when i say all this

today me and my friends all went to kadeville in missouri and snuck into that one abandoned school. the one with the ghost. my friend ty doesnt believe in ghosts so he didnt go in and he wouldnt let me go in either but i was okay with that

but after a little bit i heard a scream from inside of the school. and i. i didnt really think before doing this. but i just kinda ran in. i knew someone was in trouble and i wanted to help. i dont know if ty went after me or not. when i got in i fell into this gross black puddle? i dont know what it was. still dont. i dont think i want to know. it was hard to get out of my clothes though

i just kind of wandered around after that, looking for who screamed. i just. couldnt find anyone though. everyone was kinda...gone? after a while i started to see some writing on the walls. threats like "get out" and "run" and i think thats when i started to freak out

i tried to get out as fast as i could. it took me forever to find any kind of exit. before i found it though i tripped and felt into a classroom. then i saw it

this is the best photo i could get of it

i didnt edit it. i dont even know how to edit something like that. but i had to get out i knew i had to get out. so i ran as fast as i could. i found the exit, and my friends were waiting out there. they were worried sick about me. didnt know where i was

the whole thing was...weird. kind of terrifying. i think i might want to do it again?

post #2 (december 18th)

not a lot happened today idk. i got an eviechat account? ive been out of the loop when it comes to eviechat because i tend to stay in my own circles like some sort of internet hermit. but yknow it was about time i checked it out seeing as all my friends have an eviechat. im worms@1215 on there lol

post #1 (december 15th)

first post on this blog, might as well make it special. its december 15th. happy birthday to me. its weird to be an adult already. i dont really feel like ive matured at all but i think im gonna be okay.

i got a gift from my friend tyler today. its a little fox plushie. i have to admit its super cute lol. what does the fox say, seriously?